Our Story

Improving the Lives of Rural People in California

Cal Poly Humboldt’s California Center for Rural Policy is dedicated to improving the lives of rural people in California. Using methods tailored to the study of rural populations, environments, and their interactions, the CCRP researches a wide range of issues to inform policies and planning.

In 2005, CCRP was established by a diverse group of community members from four Northern California counties (Del Norte, Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino) who were concerned about the quality of life for rural people in Northern California.

Today, the CCRP is a community-driven research center. Collaborating with numerous organizations and other partners throughout rural California, the center aims to conduct rural research that can be translated into policy and easily understood.

Purpose Statement

Data on rural communities is often generated through urban methodology. CCRP, however, is a research center created for and by rural communities. We are committed to improving the health and environment of rural people through our research, which is based on innovative methods and provides detailed assessments. Our goal is to make recommendations that will inform decisions and policies.