Opportunity Youth - Year One Findings (2022)

In 2021, the Humboldt Area Foundation/Wild Rivers Community Foundation and the California Center for Rural Policy launched a project funded by the Aspen Institute to assess the connection of young people in Del Norte and Tribal Lands (DNATL) to school and the workforce. In partnership with youth-serving institutions in DNATL, this coalition developed a survey tool to better understand the barriers and factors that impact Opportunity Youth (OY) in the region. This report shares the preliminary results of the survey, which focused on understanding the factors that support or hinder young people’s connection to opportunities. A second survey will be conducted in Spring 2023, building on the initial findings to better assess the factors impacting young people’s connection to opportunities. This report's results are subject to change. 



To access and download the report, please click on the image of the report cover to the right:

Aspen OY Report Cover