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Reframing Our Attitudes to Defeat Ageism

This article was adapted from a 2017 address to the staff of the Humboldt Senior Resource Center given by Connie Stewart.

Regardless of how you voted in the 2016 election — whether for Republicans in Washington or Democrats in California — we are in serious risk of policy inertia, or worse, rollbacks of existing supports for programs that help seniors in our community. That should be a concern to all of us. 

Democrat or Republican, we all age. So let’s face it — we need to change public thinking about aging in America.  

Local Dental Pilot Project in Humboldt County

CCRP is working with Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services and Oral Health Solutions, Inc. to develop a cloud-based data tracking system for Humboldt County’s Local Dental Pilot Project. Forms are designed to track families who enroll in the care coordination hub. The types of services they receive and the timeliness of those services will also be tracked. The tracking forms are being designed by CCRP, reviewed and approved by funded partners, and converted to IPad-based forms by Oral Health Solutions.

Oral Health Inventory in Humboldt County

CCRP is also conducting an oral health inventory with multi-agency community partners and providers who are working to improve the oral health of Humboldt County residents. In addition to capturing the services and programs they provide, the target population they serve, and the types of professionals delivering services, the tool captures where that work falls on a spectrum from providing direct service to influencing legislation and policy.

Update on Health Care Pathways in Del Norte and Tribal Lands

Del Norte, like many rural counties has a shortage of healthcare professionals, and a small pipeline of youth interested in pursuing careers in health care and wellness. We are working with educators, youth and employers to develop educational pathways into healthcare, a pipeline of youth interested in pursuing work in health care, and employers in the field to hire and help nurture young talent and interest.