RRRISE Regional Summary: Part 1

On December 21st, the RRRISE convening team submitted our 470-page Regional Summary: Part 1 to the State Interagency team. This report lays the groundwork for examining economic development strategies that CA Jobs First will potentially fund in our region. You can download the full report, or select the components of the full report below. 

Please note that we consider these reports "raw materials." Over the next couple of months, our team will collaborative to create a set of short & sweet topical “policy briefs” with accompanying slide decks, videos, and social media content to allow our community to easily digest the reports’ key findings. 

Huge thank you to our collaborators who have helped pull off this massive deliverable to the State!

If you have any questions about these reports, please reach us at ccrp@humboldt.edu

Redwood Region RISE - Regional Summary Part 1 - Full Report

Below are all the components that make up Redwood Region RISE's Regional Summary Part 1:

Redwood Region RISE - Regional Summary Part 1 - Summary and SWOT

Redwood Region RISE - Public Health Analysis

Redwood Region RISE - Indicators Report

Redwood Region RISE - Stakeholder Analysis/ Partnership Mapping  Report

Redwood Region RISE - Climate and Environment Analysis

Redwood Region RISE - Industry Cluster and  Labor Market Analysis

Redwood Region RISE - Economic Development Opportunities Report