Our Governance Structure

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How We Organize Ourselves

Redwood Region RISE (Resilient Inclusive Sustainable Economy) is committed to facilitate our Collaborative in leading an inclusive, diverse, transparent, and accountable regional planning process. We center the community voices that don't always participate in or benefit from economic development planning processes through a regional-level, formal participatory governance structure designed to shift power to, and lift up, marginalized voices within and beyond our efforts.

How We Center Equity

We promote active participation of citizens and representatives from eleven community partner categories, 32+ Tribal Nations (federally and non-federally recognized), and four counties (Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, and Mendocino) on all decision-making bodies. Through inclusive planning tables, we aim to develop a regional strategy and recommended investments to grow sustainable industries, diversify regional economies, and increase access to high-quality jobs in our Region.

Deep Dive Into Our Collective:

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