Redwood Region RISE (California Jobs First)

Welcome to Redwood Region RISE (Resilient Inclusive Sustainable Economy)'s Planning Phase efforts. We are a regional community coalition of 130 seated members engaging a community of a thousand residents working together to plan for and develop a 10-year vision to bring good, sustainable jobs to Tribal Lands, Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, and Mendocino Counties - through the California Jobs First initiative.

We envision the Redwood Region a healing place where everyone belongs, with stable jobs, accessible healthcare, and a flourishing natural environment. Together, we work towards a future where anyone can thrive.
Redwood Region RISE aims to...
  1. Create thriving-wage opportunities for workers in our Region ("quality jobs")
  2. Pursue sustainable economic growth (diversifying our local and regional economies)
  3. Advance California’s goals for a climate-forward future (carbon-neutrality and beyond)
  4. Creating inclusive Planning Tables that empower communities that don't always participate in or benefit from economic development planning processes.

Together, we have created a data-driven snapshot of our region to guide equitable investments. The first part of this Regional Roadmapour Regional Plan Part 1—has been completed. The second part, Regional Plan Part 2, will be shared at the end of July, when both Plans will be open for Public Comment ahead of submitting the finalized Roadmap to the State in late August 2024.

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There's many ways to get involved with RRRISE. Whether you have a great idea for a regional project to uplift priority communities, want to join our Tables, attend our public meetings and activities, or just stay informed on the process through our newsletters... We'd love to have you on board! 

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